Sunday, January 21, 2007

Visual Ergonomics and Angels

I've been doing a little re-arranging of my "office" space. So, my neck has really been bugging me these past few days. After a bit of research I came upon THIS website and did a bit of reading, enough to convince me that trying a configuration where I sit above my computer monitor was worth a shot. So $0 and a good bit of make-shift engineering later, I now have a keyboard/art tablet table that is a good few feet higher than it was and a raised platform for my computer chair. The point is to see if this really works. If it does we'll see about a better looking arrangement, probably a Steelcase Criterion Drafting Chair (which would raise as high as my Steelcase Criterion Office Chair is presently) and a custom built table for the keyboard with a cabinet sliding mechanism whereby I could have both my keyboard and mouse on it and my Wacom at the same time, sliding either section in front of me as needed. I took some photos of the ghetto set-up for kicks:

Oh yeah, I also finished the angel book cover I've been working on. I've got the manuscript for the next cover (unrelated) and hope to start on that shortly.

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