Monday, January 1, 2007

Angelic Faces are Hard to Paint

I'm undoubtedly at the slowest strange of this painting right now, the tweaking things here and there trying to figure out what looks best. The highest concentration of work today was on his face. I finally think I have something pretty good going on, less cartoon-like with more structure and such. However, when I flipped the canvas again (right before saving these preview versions) I noticed that there is still something a bit "off" around the eyes. *sigh*

In other illustration news, I've been focusing a lot of effort on getting more organized. At the moment I'm testing out the trail version of Studiometry, a program that seems to hold potential for keeping track of billing and projects for freelance business such as mine. I also acquired a nice planner at Staples today. It's harder than one might think to find a planner that goes beyond the standard 8-5 hour delineations. 8-5? Hah, the one I found runs until 9:45 PM. Nice for those evening hour plans.

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