Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Enter the Evil Chair

So the new configuration seems to be working. My neck is certainly feeling better. Today I went out to a local used office supply store. And what did I find? A used Steelcase Leap Drafting Chair! It has to be the most comfortable office type chair I've ever sat in. These puppies sell for around $1,000 new, but this one only set me back $550. The upholstery and everything are black, the general consensus is that it looks futuristic and evil. My favorite thing about it is the lumbar support and the lean-back glide action it has. One thing I do want to do for it, though, is make some plush arm rest covers, while softer than the previous Criterion chair arms, these are still darn hard.

In other business type news, I've been toying with the idea of buying a few Google Adwords. I signed up for an account today, but have yet to activate it. I think I really need to make a easier to use commission form for potential clients to fill out for a price/time quote first.

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