Saturday, January 30, 2010

Storystrators Writer-Illustrators Group

So, I've been rather quiet as of late. Both of my "daytime" illustration major projects are under NDA and my personal work has private outlets for sharing and critique (you can't very well post a picture book in progress publicly on the internet -as technically that counts as publishing).

In consideration of the above, I created a group where I could share my work in progress with other Picture Book Author-Illustrators. The group I made is called Storystrators. The purpose: mutual critique and betterment of our written and visual work. The meeting format online at a private forum...

We number 6 members at the moment (mostly drawn from SCBWI Mid-Atlantic), we just picked the name and are starting to build momentum/activity. The plan is 10 members, so we are looking for a few good men/women to join our ranks.

If you think you might be interested please send me an e-mail at . I'd love to know more about your area of focus, what you are looking for in a group, and your current PB project... also, be sure to include an art and writing sample. Also, we are especially looking for those who are enthusiastic and can be active on the forum!


-To form a small (but not too small, around 10 members) tight-knit group of writer-illustrators for the purpose of mutual critique and betterment of our visual and verbal art.

-An active group that supports the unique one-stop combination of writing & art that we writer-illustrators create (and can critique book dummies as well as manuscripts).

-To provide a private forum for general encouragement and companionship.

Member requirements:

-You write AND illustrate.

-You are willing to receive AND give critique in a useful and positive fashion.

-You are actively striving to improve (no matter what level you are at now).

-You are currently working on a Picture Book manuscript & dummy in some form! (or have an idea for one and just need a good kick in the pants! ie You will have one very soon...)

This offer stands until all positions are filled.


Tanja said...

Hey Laura -- I need to visit here more often, I think! Email on the way... :)

Michelle said...

Does this offer still stand?