Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DnD Eladrin Shaman Druid =)

I am into many many fantasy things.... I draw fantasy scenes for a living, I read fantasy books, watch fantasy movies, yet I have never played D&D. Well, a group of our good friends (including fellow fantasy artist Cynthia Sheppard) have decided to change that.

With my good fiancé, Chris, nominated as DM, we are about to embark on an epic quest of dice, math (shudder >_<) and epic story.... And, of course, fine beverages and cheeses.

After careful thought I decided to go with a an elf of the Eladrin race. Something about looking all pretty and mysterious and being able to teleport around. As for class I am technically playing a Shaman(ess) but that is only because it seems to work more the way I envision a Druid. I'm much more into getting all buffy and healy on my group than rending things and splattering blood. And I get a kitty companion! =)

Anyhow, in my excitement (and badness) I chose to do a piece for myself today, a portrait of my character: