Saturday, March 2, 2013

Painting on iPad

So, I finally went out and bought an iPad for sketching/painting on the go. This is remarkable because I am very much a PC/Android girl. It was the rentina screen, I swear -I was hypmotized by that crisp high 2048×1536 res. (And, yes, I am aware that Wacom just announced a true artist's tablet for this summer.)

Of course, I also then needed a proper stylus. I chose a Sensu Brush, which, like the name would suggest, is a capacitive paintbrush! I've had my eye on this one for quite a while.

Liking it very much so-far. Highly impressed with both the screen and the feel and fluidity of the brush while painting. Though I haven't tried it in too many applications yet, I am very much enjoying Procreate for iPad. "Paper" is also fun.

I look forward to taking this baby with me as my spring travels begin around Europe!

iPad and Sensu Brush
iPad and Sensu Brush ...painting in Procreate
Test painting (1 hour). =)