Friday, March 28, 2008

New Computer Ordered

There is the kind of blog silence that means nothing is happening and the kind that means everything is -this is the later sort.

I've been doing a lot of good art since my last update, which unfortunately I can't share until publication. ;) But lets just say I've been putting my 8 hours in most every day.

My biggest news: COMPUTER! That's right, I'm readying for a major upgrade in the form of a completely new custom built system. I just ordered the last component yesterday and I received the motherboard in the mail today. This thing is going to be super sweet. Here are the technical goodies:

- Lian Li PC-B25B Case (ohhh... the glowing blue circle!)
- ASUS P5E WS Motherboard
- Intel Quad Core Q6600 Processor
- ATI FireGL v3600 Graphics Card
- x2 1TB Western Digital Caviar RE2 Hard Drive (for a RAID config, art and data)
- 500GB Western Digital Caviar SE16 Hard Drive (for programs and OS)
- 36GB Western Digital Raptor Hard Drive(solely for Photoshop scratch disk)
- FreeAgent Pro 1TB External Hard Drive (I already have a FreeAgent 500GB for backing up the program drive)
- x2 SAMSUNG Black 20X DVD combo drive
- CORSAIR CMPSU-620HX Power Supply
- Vista Business 64-bit

I'm going to have the shop that built my current PC assemble this one for me. I can't wait!