Friday, August 31, 2012

'Alex och Corinthia' books have arrived!

I just received a wonderful surprise today in the mail: printed copies of Den Eviga Eldens Magi: Alex och Corinthia by Patrik Bergström!

This was a fairly extensive project for me, as I did a total of 8 interiors, 1 chapter heading, and the cover. (And then went on to work on art for the other 4 forthcoming books in this series!)

So great to be able to hold this one in my hands. The printing and design look beautiful. I just wish I could read it!

Here's the link to publisher's page for this book. 

Here is the author's (Swedish) site for the books.


Tanja said...

Those look wonderful, Laura -- congrats! Love the map, too. :)

- t

Unknown said...

Love them!! :) I also agree, the map is totally awesome!