Thursday, February 1, 2007

On the Business of Illustration

Where to begin? Well, I've been diverting a lot of effort into business endeavors. The method(s) by which I want to do my first postcard mailing is still up in the air. The design for it is mostly done (I need to add a few more contact details). I'm awaiting more samples from about 7 or 8 online places. So-far, 4by6 looks really nice.

Spurred on by the need to include a business phone number on said postcards, I decided to actually get one. After a bit of research, I opted for the $15 Unlimited calling in the US and Canada from Skype and one of those nifty little Polycom Communicators, as I hate headsets and handsets. I just hope Amazon isn't too slow getting it here.

The Google Adword campaigns continues. At the moment, I've yet to get a single print order or illustration quote request that I can trace back to them. I'll give them a couple more weeks and see if I get any nibbles.

In art news, I'm working on a cover for another small press, which is quite enjoyable.

Oh yeah, I also made a slight (*cough* slight = it only took hours of headache) update to my website, making it more in line with my postcard "look."

Also, I must provide a link to a very well written article that is spot on. On what, you ask? Read for yourself:

Seeking an artist/designer/illustrator? LOOK RIGHT HERE!!!

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