Friday, February 23, 2007

Ice Storms and Logos

I've been very very busy, mostly with business. I think I've got the accounting thing somewhat settled now (or is that just an "I hope"?) I'm in negotiations on the next likely project. It is a children's book painting to be included with the author's submission packet. I've been spending a good bit of the past couple days working on a logo for my illustration business. Not done yet, but see below for the present state. :)

I'm very glad that I got the battery replaced in my Blackout Buster, as we've been inflicted with a major ice storm and very strong winds as of late. Nothing scares me worse than my computer shutting itself down before I can save what I'm doing. When the 8-year-old battery was in, it would shutdown without warning. Even if it was just a surge. Rumor has it there is another ice storm coming.

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