Saturday, August 25, 2007

Love the Work

There are things I blog about so that I can let others know, and there are things I put in my blog so I can help myself remember. Yesterday I discovered the site of Keri Smith via a post on that linked to her "Artist's Survival Kit." The kit itself is a delightful five PDF pages for the artist who is feeling down. I liked it so much I got to looking around the rest of her site. In my exploration I discovered "Seven Steps to Getting Published" and "How to Make a Living Doing What you Love." The point she makes about loving your work spoke to me most deeply. And this:

why is it that so many times we have difficulty seeing our own light?

I also found two of her books on Amazon that I'd sorely like to buy, the non-planner datebook especially.

I was playing around with the an online version of the Myers Briggs personality test (here). Looks like I'm an INFJ, which appears to be one of the rarest types. This nifty link on explains it pretty well.
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