Monday, September 10, 2007

Clouds and Books

I spent the day painting another variation of clouds for the current children's book illustration. I think, dare I say it, I have a sky that will work. Finally! Other than that I've been waiting for feedback on my text "proposals" for the cover of a small press fantasy manuscript. Publishing really is a hurry up and wait business.

I've got a load of neat books at the library this past week. I'm currently reading The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp and Walking in This World by Julia Cameron. It is interesting to be reading them in tandem, as they are at times conflicting and at other times uncannily similar. Walking is turning out to be a book I'd like to buy, despite the tacked-on paragraphs of religious references invariably at the end of each chapter. There are a number of passages I'd like to have at hand to read again and again. For the most part it is an honest, plain, and truthful exploration of the creative life. It has a very "been there done that feel," an authenticity that could only come from personal experience. Creative Habit is good too, just not quite as applicable to 2d visual art as performance art. I like the emphasis on routine, ritual, and work.

I'm off to walk the 7 pound poodle of terror. Then a quick nap (naps mmmmmm rock) and off to my sister's place for dinner. Lasagna and Peaches and Cream pie (which has been chilling in our fridge since I made it yesterday) :)
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