Thursday, September 20, 2007

Celtic Music and ConceptArt.Org Workshops

Wow, after watching THIS video I really want to attend a Massive Black Workshop. Seattle Washington this December, too bad it beat out DC...

So I worked on thumbnails for the current book cover this morning. I worked on one of my own picture book illustrations this afternoon. I also got an e-mail about another cover from a different publisher. Right up my alley too. I'm psyched!

Oh yes, and I must mention a wickedly cool CD that arrived in the mail today. It's called Window to a World by Aeone. She's sort of a crossover artist, part pop, part cetlic, part bluegrass, a very world feel. I love it. I'm jammin' to it even now. Speaking of celtic, I watched a really lovely live concert recorded at Slane Castle by Celtic Woman last night (courtesy netflix ;). Great stuff.
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