Thursday, April 26, 2007

Feeding the Artist

So, I've been busy improving my artist self as of late. I got the Structure of Man DVDs a little while back, I've been trying to do about 10 lessons a day. I'm also really enjoying watching the Gnomon Series of DVDs on Visual Storytelling by Iain McCaig. Great stuff! I love his idea of drawing each image twice (parts of it three times):

1.) First you draw the sketch with no references, trying to capture all of the passion and vision in your mind.

2.) Then you find references for everything (that you need to) and do studies from these until you've memorized them.

3.) Then you draw the scene again, working in all of your research while keeping the fluidity of the initial sketch.

I'm also in negotiations on a couple possible projects and I just finished picture book manuscript #2. I figure I'd be good to come up with as many stories as I can and write them out, that way for my next illustration project I'll have a lot to chose from.
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