Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Beginning of Hereafter

The purpose of this journal to to chronicle my journey from this uncertain point in my life (to put it mildly) to whatever I end up doing hereafter. At present I am roughly 6 months out of college, which incidentally is the length of the so-called "grace period" for student loans. In fact, I've already made the first payment on said loans, which was about as much fun as giving blood (I hate needles).

So what have I been up to since graduation? Illustration work, but not really the kind I want to do forever. In the past 6 months I've done 7 book covers. Most of these for small press publishers or individual authors. And while I don't mind doing this (as coming up with covers is rather interesting) I also don't love it. Part of the problem I think (and no offense is intended to the authors of these books) is that it takes a really special book to touch me in a way that the mere act of creating a cover for it is a passionate art. The problem with most fantasy books, and here I'm referring to wildly successful books published by big names too, is that they don't have this connection with me.

I hope that this journal can help me find my calling in the illustration world. I plan to update at least weekly, but hopefully a bit more than that. We shall see.
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